The 10th Conference

Human Language Technologies - the Baltic Perspective

Riga, Latvia
October 6-7, 2022

October 6    
09.15-10.00 Registration  


Welcoming address by Lana Frančeska Dreimane, Head of the Research Programme Unit; Ministry of Education Science


Welcoming address by conference organizers: Normunds Grūzītis (Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia), Andrejs Vasiļjevs (Tilde) and Inguna Skadiņa (PC Chair)

Room 702

Invited speech

Marko Grobelnik (chair: Andrejs Vasiļjevs)

AI and NLP. Some breaking news.
11.10-11.30 Coffee break  

Session 1: Translation Technologies

Chair: Eduard Barbu

Room 702
11.30.-11.50 Andre Tättar, Taido Purason, Hele-Andra Kuulmets, Agnes Luhtaru,  Liisa Rätsep, Maali Tars,  Mārcis Pinnis, Toms Bergmanis, Mark Fishel Open and Competitive Multilingual Neural Machine Translation in Production
11.50-12.10 Toms Bergmanis, Mārcis Pinnis From Zero to Production: Baltic-Ukrainian Machine Translation Systems to Aid Refugees
12.10-12.30 Maali Tars, Andre Tättar, Mark Fishel Cross-lingual Transfer from Large Multilingual Translation Models to Unseen Under-resourced Languages
12.30-14.00 Lunch  

Session 2: Speech Technologies

Chair: Askars Salimbajevs

Room 702
14.00-14.20  Aivo Olev, Tanel Alumäe Estonian Speech Recognition and Transcription Editing Service
14.20-14.40  Henry Härm, Tanel Alumäe Abstractive Summarization of Broadcast News Stories for Estonian
14.40-15.00 Einar Meister, Lya Meister Estonian Elderly Speech Corpus – Design, Collection and Preliminary Acoustic Analysis
15.00-15.20 Liisa Rätsep, Rasmus Lellep, Mark Fishel Estonian Text-to-Speech Synthesis with Non-autoregressive Transformers

Introduction to posters and demos 

Chair: Normunds Grūzītis

16.00-16.20 Coffee break  
16.20-18.00 Posters & Demos Room: 701
  Eduard Barbu, Verginica Barbu Mititelu Evaluating Computational Models of Similarity against a Human Rated Dataset
  Rinalds Vīksna, Inguna Skadiņa Multilingual Transformers for Named Entity Recognition
  Roberts Darģis, Ilze Auziņa, Inga Kaija, Kristīne Levāne-Petrova, Kristīne Pokratniece Corpus Based Self-Assessment Platform for Latvian Language Learners
  Jolanta Kovalevskaitė, Loïc Boizou, Ieva Bumbulienė, Erika Rimkutė, Jurgita Vaičenonienė Approaches and Resources for Lithuanian Collocation Research
  Sigita Dereškevičiūtė, Asta Kazlauskienė Prosodic Phrasing in Lithuanian: Preparatory Study
  Asta Kazlauskienė, Sigita Dereškevičiūtė Observations on the Prosodic Marking of Narrow Focus in Lithuanian
  Jurgita Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė, Askars Salimbajevs Comparison of Deep Learning Approaches for Lithuanian Sentiment Analysis
   Joris Kazlauskas On the Secondary Rhythmical Stress in the Connecting Vowels of the Standard Lithuanian Compounds
  Justina Mandravickaitė, Milita Songailaitė, Veronika Gvozdovaitė, Danguolė Kalinauskaitė, Tomas Krilavičius Towards Synthetic Social Media Data
19.00- Conference Dinner  
October 7    

Country presentations

Chair: Einar Meister

Room 702
9.00-9.30 Andrius Utka Recent Developments of Language Technologies in Lithuania.
9.30-10.00 Kadri Muishnek Recent Developments of Language Technologies in Estonia
10.00-10.30 Inguna Skadiņa, Baiba Saulīte, Ilze Auziņa, Normunds Grūzītis, Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Raivis Skadiņš, Mārcis Pinnis Latvian Language in the Digital Age: The Main Achievements in the Last Decade
10.30-10.50 Coffee break  

Invited speech 

Magnus Sahlgren (chair: Normunds Grūzītis)

GPT-SW3: building the first large generative language model for Swedish

Session 3: Natural Language Understanding

Chair: Andrius Utka

Room 702
11.30-11.50 Hele-Andra Kuulmets, Andre Tättar, Mark Fishel Estonian Language Understanding: a Case Study on the COPA Task
11.50-12.10 Maksym Del, Mark Fishel Similarity of Sentence Representations in Multilingual LMs: Resolving Conflicting Literature and a Case Study of Baltic Languages
12.10-12.30 Pēteris Paikens, Laura Rituma, Lauma Pretkalniņa Towards word sense disambiguation for Latvian
12.30-14.00 Lunch  

Invited speech

Jan Hajič (chair: Inguna Skadiņa)

Multilingual Language Technology in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks


Session 4: Written Language Processing

Chair: Kadri Muischnek

Room 702
14.40-15.00 Heiki-Jaan Kaalep Looking into Estonian Syllabification
15.00-15.20 Virginijus Dadurkevičius, Andrius Utka Estimating the Amount of Lithuanian Text Indexed by Global Search Engines
15.20-15.40 Matīss Rikters, Sanita Reinsone How Masterly Are People at Playing with Their Vocabulary?
15.40-15.55 Closing Room 702
16.00-17.00 Good-bye coffee